The Holistic Full Body Approach to Healing


Why is it so hard to heal?

The existing health care model is splintered with experts who are so good at what they do but may not address the whole body.

More and more people are chronically ill and in pain, get treatments that help the symptoms or acute problem but never get to the root of the problem. A new paradigm on the team, full body, functional systems approach to healthcare is evolving and poised to empower the existing segmented, specialist-oriented health care system that has been growing strong for years! 

Nutrition and lifestyle factors are integral to healing and to the team and systems approach.

Where do you start?

We start by backing it up: reviewing past health events and family traits and genetics, mapping out your current state of health, and highlighting your current effective lifestyle habits. From there, we make a plan to move forward that works for you. 

Its about getting to the root of your health problems.

Get curious - start the healing process - and embrace a better you!


Getting to the Root

 We start by getting a good understanding of where you are right now - a detailed understanding of your health history and any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your symptoms and health challenges. We then come up with basic steps to strengthen the systems in your body that seem to be struggling. We want to keep these small, simple steps manageable in order create some positive forward momentum. These small steps may include one or more of the following categories: nutritional, stress reduction, movement, relationships, connection with nature and community and spirituality. There is no one answer to certain diagnoses. There is no one specific path. Its a path towards discovery that we need to keep an open mind and make assessments along the way. But in all cases, we focus on supporting our interconnected systems in order to allow the body to perform its natural healing magic.

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oN MY Mind

Over the past months, life has been transformative to many. As the results of the election sink in, even though we seem more splintered as a country, I see more people shifting into a mindset of being more conscious of how are lives are intertwined. This shift can be scary, fascinating even.

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